Matthew Flinders' Cat

Matthew Flinders Cat Billy O Shannessy once a prominent barrister is now on the street where he sleeps on a bench outside the State Library Above him on the window sill rests a bronze statue of Matthew Flinders cat Tri

  • Title: Matthew Flinders' Cat
  • Author: Bryce Courtenay
  • ISBN: 9780670910618
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Billy O Shannessy, once a prominent barrister, is now on the street where he sleeps on a bench outside the State Library Above him on the window sill rests a bronze statue of Matthew Flinders cat, Trim Ryan is a ten year old, a near street kid heading for all the usual trouble The two meet and form an unlikely friendship Appealing to the boy s imagination by telling hBilly O Shannessy, once a prominent barrister, is now on the street where he sleeps on a bench outside the State Library Above him on the window sill rests a bronze statue of Matthew Flinders cat, Trim Ryan is a ten year old, a near street kid heading for all the usual trouble The two meet and form an unlikely friendship Appealing to the boy s imagination by telling him the story of the circumnavigation of Australia as seen through Trim s eyes, Billy is drawn deeply into Ryan s life and into the Sydney underworld Over several months the two begin the mutual process of rehabilitation Matthew Flinders Cat is a modern day story of a city, its crime, the plight of the homeless and the politics of greed and perversion It is also a story of the human heart, with an enchanting glimpse into our past from the viewpoint of a famous cat.

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      277 Bryce Courtenay
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    One thought on “Matthew Flinders' Cat”

    1. Despite the title, this is primarily the story of Billy O’Shannessy - once a prominent lawyer, now an alcoholic derelict sleeping rough - and Ryan, an 11 year old boy who Billy recognises as having a bright mind and showing great potential, but who is cared for by a grandmother in the last stages of cancer and a mother who is an “exotic dancer” and a heroin addict.Through listening to this book, I found out more than I ever needed to know about alcoholism, homelessness, drug addiction and [...]

    2. As a Salvo in a former life working in Sydney, this book brought back so many memories. Courtney's description of the salvation Army's William Booth Institute was accurate and it took me back there personally, of the Majors who worked there I'm sure I knew who some of the characters were really based on. I actually listened to the audiobook version of this book with my 16yr old daughter on a long road trip and I felt it was an extremely accurate portrayal of alcoholism, it's hold over people, it [...]

    3. This was my first Courtenay book and I was totally engaged at the start and loved the descriptions of Sydney and how he clearly knew the city well. I also really empathised with Billy, our main character who is a homeless alcoholic ex-barrister, and I thought the character writing was great.There were a couple of issues with the book though. Firstly, the length. It was quite repetitive by about 2/3 through and I thought could have used a much more thorough edit. Another part that bothered me was [...]

    4. tuebl epub version 12/7/13 By co-incidence I saw Flinders' cat Trim the other day.he's on the roof of the State Library of New South Wales and is easy to miss if you don't know he's there. (In reality he circumnavigated the world with Flinders and met his untimely death marooned on the island of Mauritius.) just near Flinders' statue. Bryce's inspiration is not far fetched as that particular spot by the Flinders' statue had two homeless people huddled underneath, and St. James station subway has [...]

    5. To quote an expression from the book, “I got gypped.” You see, I’ve never read a Bryce Courtenay book before, not even The Power Of One. I’ve always been keen to see what all the fuss was about, so I finally decided on reading Matthew Flinders’ Cat. For me, the idea of reading about the circumnavigation of Australia through the eye of a cat sounded original and potentially entertaining. However, to my dismay I found that this novel is not really about Matthew Flinders’ Cat. In fact, [...]

    6. This was a book about an alcoholic and a homeless one at that. The first part described what life was like for a derelict like Billy O'Shannessy. At first, I was not really impressed by his character and I wondered why government and charity organizations spent dole money on these parasitic members of society.The second part onward was the gem of the book. The author illustrated why alcohol and drugs addiction are impossible to cure with sheer will power and why they ended up addicted to death. [...]

    7. There sure are a lot of folks who don't like Bryce Courtenay's books, and this one sure had mixed reviews. I like a good story, and so I am a fan of Bryce Courtenay. I've never been to Australia, but one day I hope that I will make it there. First, the narrator-- Humphrey Bower is one of my very favorite audible book narrators. He makes listening to Mr. Courtenay's books totally enjoyableFIVE stars! The story. Wow, this is a dark one, for sure. This is about alcoholism and drug addcition. It's a [...]

    8. This is the first Bryce Courtenay I’ve read and I couldn’t put it down. I’ve heard varied opinions on his novels so I’m obviously going to have to try some more, but going on this I’m eager to do that.The narrator of this story is Billy O’Shannessy (without the ‘u’) who is a derelict sleeping in the Botanical Gardens in Sydney. Billy wakes one morning, in his usual hungover state, and is ‘visited’ by a 10-year-old boy who asks about the statue of the cat. Billy tries to brush [...]

    9. This is a book in two parts (and two stories throughout both parts). The first half of the book is yarn telling in excellent form, and it's unlikely you'll be able to put it down. The second half, many will find the opposite as it shipwrecks on the sandbanks of 'the author seems to have lost interest too'. There's a rally of rescue which promises to haul the second half out of the mire and back onto the plot(s), but then publishing deadlines appear to step in and massacre the entire cast, leavin [...]

    10. Read this book in over the weekend.Started out pretty slow to build a foundation for character development.Ultimately the book picked up past to a profound ending which I will remember for years to come.I read a lot of books, many I forget the plots after a few years. Even forget titles of books What I am saying is this is one book I will remember til my old age. This book really touched my heart! Much more so than a Nicholas Sparks novel or Jo Jo Moyes book like "Me Before You".Bryce Courtney w [...]

    11. Realistic portrayal of alcoholism and recovery--not too many artistic licenses taken. The stories about the cat provide a break from the grimness of the subject matter. First book I've read by this author. I listened to the audio version of the book, which I enjoyed.

    12. a contemporary story about a man overwelmed by circumstances who finds the strength within to help someone else. I never knew there was a statue of 'Trim' outside the Mitchell Library in Sydney and was strangely complelled to go a find it. I view Homeless people in Sydney in a different light.

    13. This is not Bryce Courtenay's best book. Mostly it needed some serious editing, and it often seemed repetitious and rambling. The plot is ok but not great.

    14. I love Bryce Courtenay's books. He's an awesome story teller and sucks you right into the story. This one, about the plight of the homeless, becomes more and more relevant.

    15. After reading several British and American books this year, I felt a craving for something completely Australian, which is just what this is. I picked it up at a second hand shop.Billy O'Shannessy is a drunken ex-barrister who has become a street bum. He still keeps an eye on the world around him and writes letters to the Sydney Morning Herald, because he believes 'alcoholism and writing have a long history together.' He wants to write convincing essays about Australian history and ecology, but [...]

    16. Humans, like all creatures, put themselves first. The only difference was that, unlike other species, they had the power to alter the balance of nature, and it was this that made them so dangerous. History was all about greed. Enough is never quite enough.

    17. هذه النبذة من ترجمتي بالكامل مع تصرف، نبذة مختصرة عن الكاتب : الاسم : برايس كورتناي 1933-2012كاتب و روائي أسترالي من مواليد جنوب أفريقيا. تدور احداث رواياته في القارة الأسترالية أو جنوب أفريقيا. أول ما نشر له واكثر روايته مبيعا رواية The Power of the one (قوة الفرد) نشرت عام 1989 و تدور احداثه [...]

    18. Matthew Flinder’s Cat, by Bryce Courtenay, Narrated by Humphrey Bower, Produced by Bolinda Audio, Downloaded from audible.As the publisher’s note begins: “This book is the story of a drunk, a boy and a cat.” Of course it’s much more than that. Billy was a well-known lawyer who went on the skids because of alcohol and finally was living on the street. Ryan is a young very bright child who was beautiful to look at and who had a wonderful singing voice. He was very street savvy because hi [...]

    19. personally, I like a book that has a good, summed up ending. where there are no questions unanswered. this was not one of them. I liked the storyline and it actually gave a good insight to the lives of addicts but I think there was so much detail throughout the book, so many tangents and in the end, the epilogue felt rushed and left more questions than answers. what happened to Billy's (ex)wife and daughter? does he simply never see them again even though he reforms? just for one. maybe is was e [...]

    20. This book is about a man that was once a prominent Sydney barrister but is now a drunk, who befriends a young ten year old boy with family problems and the story of a cat.I enjoyed it, but not as much as some of Courtney's other books. I am still struggling with the whole cat thing. It was meant to be the focus of the book. The drunk looked up to this cat, but I still couldn't really get it to relate back to his story. Bits and pieces I could, but I just didn't feel that I got it properly.My oth [...]

    21. Reviewed by Mary Monks for The Reviewers I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a real “page turner”!The author created very real characters and as a reader I felt very involved in their relationships and emotions. It was fascinating to read of Matthew Flinders’ travels through the eyes of his cat, Trim. He was a very wise cat indeed!It was very interesting to have an ‘inside’ view of the life of an alcoholic and how this can affect all those who come into contact with the addicted per [...]

    22. A friend loaned this book to me, and because of her I struggled through it. My lack of enthusiasm for the book is due to my total lack of interest/empathy/connection with the two main characters, who are a homeless drunken ex-barrister (Billy) and a streetwise boy (Ryan). I simply didn't care how their story ended. Far more offputting, however, is that the eponymous cat thinks. And talks. And steers a ship. On a positive note, the descriptions of Sydney are spot-on, and I won't be able to pass t [...]

    23. Can I ever say enough about Bryce Courtenay? this time he delves into the nature of addiction. He writes about the evils of humanity so easily and explores what is good and evil about us all. While this may not be his most gripping book (sorry boxing fans-3/4 through it and only one small ref to an old fighter) but the story line of a laywer turned homeless alcohlic who attempts rehab to save one little boy is still so real and believable. Recommended for Fans of his literture- I don't know if t [...]

    24. My first experience of a Bryce Courtenay novel and based on this, I will be delving into his catalogue again very soon. Really enjoyed this book and it was a real eye opener regarding addiction and the impact it has on all members of a family. It did seem a little rushed at the end but I was always interested in how each character faired throughout the novel. Has certainly changed my perception on homelessness.

    25. I had mixed feelings about this book. The story line was good but could have used some added depth. I feel like I never really got to know the characters, just superficially. The plot was kind of predictable, and at times found it feeling a bit like a textbook on addictions. I liked the story of the cat, but the two lines through the book felt awkward. Overall it was an ok read, and got much better near the end. I did find the cultural language difficult to comprehend at times as well.

    26. This book should have more than 5 stars. I loved The Power of One but this is even better. It's a difficult read in so much as it touches on the darkest places addictions can lead. It deals with guilt and people caught in self loathing and the scum in society who should feel guilt and self loathing but don't appear to have the conscience necessary to go there. It is well balanced with the resilience and good that still exists in humanity. Great Read.

    27. This is my first experience with Bryce Courtenay, I really enjoyed it, it was a real eye-opener about the life of the homeless, alcoholics, pedophilia and the justice system. As a sailing person, I have an interest in Mathew Flinders and as an animal lover wanted to know more about Trim his cat, so I found this to be a well rounded story all up. I look forward to read more from Bryce Courtenay in the future.

    28. I thoroughly enjoyed this beautifully written story. It was an interesting insight into what alcoholism can be like. It was heart-warming to read of the friendship between Billy and Ryan. I enjoyed the story within a story of the adventures of Trim as he journeyed with Matthew Flinders! The ending was what I had hoped.

    29. The only thing I remember about this book is being absolutely distraught when the cat died. Probably because I kind of envisioned the cat as looking like my own. I want to re-read it, but since said-cat disappeared earlier this year (and I'm still not over it, by the way), I'm not really sure I'll manage.But I do remember really enjoying the book, anyway

    30. I like his style of writing and I wanted to know what happened with the characters but found the passages about the cat quite tedious and the ending a bit rushed and unbelievable.Story of an alcoholic derelict who used to be a lawyer who meets a young boy on the street who is going through difficulties with his mother and nan. They bond over stories about a ship's cat.

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