The Art of Forgery: The Minds, Motives and Methods of Master Forgers

The Art of Forgery The Minds Motives and Methods of Master Forgers The Art of Forgery The Minds Motives and Methods of the Master Forgers explores the stories dramas and human intrigues surrounding the world s most famous forgeries investigating the motivations of

  • Title: The Art of Forgery: The Minds, Motives and Methods of Master Forgers
  • Author: Noah Charney
  • ISBN: 9780714867458
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Art of Forgery The Minds, Motives and Methods of the Master Forgers explores the stories, dramas and human intrigues surrounding the world s most famous forgeries investigating the motivations of the artists and criminals who have faked great works of art, and in doing so conned the public and the art establishment alike.

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    • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ☆ The Art of Forgery: The Minds, Motives and Methods of Master Forgers : by Noah Charney ↠
      464 Noah Charney
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    One thought on “The Art of Forgery: The Minds, Motives and Methods of Master Forgers”

    1. I would like to begin with a big compliment for the person who gave this book its visual look, the front with the cover design of Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a pearl earring om a black velvet underground is breathtaking. Good enough reason to buy the book in the first place. The books illustrations of the various paintings, drawings and other objects are very good looking too and well placed in the book.The books starts with an introduction about how the world likes to be deceived and it split [...]

    2. “Welcome to the world of forgery and remember your Petronius: Munus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur, ‘The world wishes to be deceived, so let it be deceived’”“Art forgery appears to be an unthreatening and victimless crime (or rather, one that only affects the very rich, with the media and forgers alike implying that these elitist victims deserve to have the wool pulled over their eyes), so its criminals tend to be seen as skilful rapscallions, part-illusionists, part-practical jokers, th [...]

    3. Scholarly in tone but still very readable. Plenty about the human psyche and why people forge as well as how and what. Very interesting a beautifully designed book.

    4. Noah Charney ist ein Experte für Kunstkriminalität und vermittelt mit seinem Buch »Original Meisterfälscher – Ego, Geld & Größenwahn« dem kunstinteressierten Leser aufschlussreiche Informationen zur Geschichte der Kunstfälschung. Beispielhaft beschreibt er die Beweggründe von Kunstfälschern aus dem Mittelalter bis in die Gegenwart, Kunst zu fälschen. Deren kriminelle Lebensläufe und wie sie letztendlich entlarvt wurden, wird detailliert geschildert. Zudem gibt der Autor Auskunf [...]

    5. Unfortunately the book is not greater than the sum of its parts. Many of the individual stories are very interesting, however they are covered so quickly that very little beyond the surface summary of them is really explained. Though the book is categorized by understanding the different motivations of art forgery, I never felt the book really had anything interesting to say about that. If the book had just been told in chronological order, it would have read the same. It made me interested in t [...]

    6. Sagenhaft gute FälscherSchon das Cover finde ich traumhaft schön, zeigt es doch mit dem Gemälde "Das Mädchen mit den Perlenohrringen" eines der bekanntesten Kunstwerke der Geschichte und stimmt auf den Inhalt ein. In einem sehr angenehmen Schreibstil, nicht so üblich wenn es sich um Sachbücher handelt, verfolgen wir in verschiedenen Bereichen die Hintergründe einiger der größten Meisterfälscher ihrer Zeit. Jeder hat einen anderen Antrieb, wie beispielsweise Stolz, Rache, Ruhm, Kriminal [...]

    7. A fascinating study of the history and psychology of art forgers, mostly in the 20th century. Charney tells why and how they accomplished their forgeries. Of course, the ones we know about were ultimately unsuccessful in continuing to fool the art establishment--but to the extent they did, putting a thumb in the eye of the so-called "experts" did the trick. Of course, money comes into it too. The book is a delightful, compelling read. You learn a lot about the techniques of forgery as well as th [...]

    8. Typically I don't leave reviews because I don't care enough to. This text left me bewildered enough to feel a need to voice my opinion to the internet, so I'll keep it brief.I knew there would be an issue because within the first few pages, the author claimed there are no prominent female art forgers ever, which is a bold and absurd claim.1. The best forgers are never caught. Probs women.2. Quit erasing women from history.Poorly researched and topical with an irritating pseudo-scholar tone.

    9. Úžasná kniha! Umění falzifikace je poučné a často dobrodružné čtení. Bude bavit všechny milovníky umění i laiky. V příbězích jednotlivých padělatelů nechybí detektivní napětí, překvapivé odhalení i pozoruhodná výprava do padělatelovy mysli a jeho motivace. Autor odhaluje triky a metody práce padělatelů a popisuje, jak byli nakonec dopadeni (pomocí precizní policejní práce, vědeckých metod,…). Kniha Zlín přišla s velmi příjemnou knihou z nakladatel [...]

    10. This book looks at motivations of art forgers such as pride, poverty, and even revenge - but it also looks at motivations of galleries, auction houses, and collectors who are on a treasure hunt to find the next Leonardo. They subconsciously might want to be deceived when presented with a possible “lost” art piece. It all makes for an interesting look at human nature.

    11. I loved this book! It's a great analysis of the motivations and methodologies of different art forgers. I also loved that this book had a lot of pictures of original and forged works of art.

    12. Fascinating read. I liked thinking about what motivated the forgers and the overview of historical forgery cases.

    13. Das vorliegende Buch „Original Meisterfälscher“ von Noah Charney, dem auf Kunstkriminalität spezialisierten Kunsthistoriker, Initiator und Präsidenten von ARCA(Assosiation for Research into Crime against Art), ist ein Meisterwerk an sich, denn es enthüllt nicht nur plausible Gründe und Methoden der Fälscher, sondern stellt spannende Fragen, gibt zahlreiche Beispiele, liefert Vergleiche und erklärt, weshalb viele Fälschungen in etlichen Bereichen im Umlauf sind. Das Werk ist klar konz [...]

    14. In this richly illustrated book, author Charney explores many of the most notorious cases of art forgery—a deception that dates to ancient Rome—and the often colorful characters bent on deception. Like all crimes, this one depends on opportunity and motive. OpportunityUntil very recently, the perceived value of artworks and religious objects was solely expert-driven, based on connoisseurship. If a recognized expert asserted that a painting was a heretofore undiscovered Rembrandt, for all int [...]

    15. I heard this author on NPR and thought the book sounded interesting, but I had no idea until I got it in my hands how impressive the production of the book is. The book has color images throughout, therefore the entire book is printed on bright white, heavy-stock paper (it weighs a ton). And there are blue pages tipped in at the beginning of each section (and they are different shades of blue.) It really is a well-designed book that must have cost the publisher a fortune, showing how much they b [...]

    16. NOAH CHARNEY – UMĚNÍ FALZIFIKACE – RECENZEJindřiška Mendozová, z-kultury-i-nekulturySnad téměř každý byl někdy v muzeu, v galerii, na výstavě Těšil se pohledem na proslulá díla slavných malířů, v katalogu si četl o tom, kdy a jak vznikala. Málokdo si asi v tu chvíli položil otázku, jestli opravdu všechno, co vidí jsou originály, jestli se nevloudila kopie, padělek Koho tato otázka napadla, neměl by si nechat ujít knihu Noaha Charneye „Umění falzifikace“ [...]

    17. A quick, interesting read. Not sure what I expected. Not a "wow" book for me but not one I regret either.

    18. A collection of separate essays poorly organized around motivating themes (Pride, Revenge, Money) that the author sets up and then doesn't adhere to. Read False Impressions: The Hunt for Big-Time Art Fakes instead. Horrible illustrations. Especially for an art book. One with such poor contrast it is little more than a brown patch on the page. Several pretty much extraneous photos of the forgers. Photos too small to see the characteristics of the paintings that are being described. Photos that do [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this book. It provides a pleasant overview of the most famous forgers and their methods throughout history, and it's accessible to pretty much anyone, whether they know a fair bit about art history or nothing at all, but it never talks down to the reader. The book itself, as an object, is beautiful, with high-quality pictures of most of the works it discusses in detail, and up to small details like the font it's set in.Noah Charney obviously knows what he's talking about, and wh [...]

    20. Brilliant, insightful and thanks to my book instagram account i have sunk to single adjectives in my reviews here. sorry

    21. This is a good survey of fakes and forgeries, covering the major cases in the history of art. It represents a decade of work by Noah Charney on the subject. I enjoyed reading it, and I think it is a readable text; one does not need a Ph.D. in Art History to understand it. I think it would make for a good introductory reading to any class that deals with authenticity. The reason I knocked a star off was because of a few items that irritated me while reading it, including poor editing of the text [...]

    22. I thought that this was a great introduction to the history of forgery, but certainly meant as an overview, and I intend to follow up on many resources and cases mentioned. The book itself reads much like an art history publication, stating intended arguments or topics to be discussed in order to draw attention to particular points, and overall I felt that most of the chapters covered those points. The chapter on power was the odd miss for me, as I found it didn't make the point as succinctly as [...]

    23. Ein Buch über Meisterfälscher. In diesen Buch wird den Beweggründen von Fälschern auf den Zahn gefühlt. Vom Bestreben nach Ruhm, von Rache Gedanken gegen die Kunstwelt, von der einfachen Geldnot bis hinzu Gier. Jeder Hintergrundgedanke wird beleuchtet.Dabei sind es nicht nur Kunstfälscher sondern auch Literaturfälscher die unterteilt die Meisterfälscher in diesem Buch fallen. Hauptsächlich dreht sich dieses eher Sachbuch jedoch um die Kunstwelt und ihre berühmtesten Fälscher. Viele ei [...]

    24. Warning: don’t miss out on the dozens of color photographs that accompany the text. I almost bought this on Kindle and I’m glad I waited for it to come in at the library. It’s fascinating and I read it quickly, but in the interest of telling lots of stories, Charney seemed to cut a few of the best ones short. (I liked that he mentioned Ken Perenyi, a forger who revealed his life story in Caveat Emptor. I reviewed it two years ago.) If you want a quick summary of the book, Fresh Air has a f [...]

    25. This was absolutely captivating. Kept me up past my bed time on numerous nights as I wanted to absorb more. The stories of the forgers and the history of the artworks they forged were completely engrossing. My only complaint is that sometimes I feel as though it didn't go into enough detail regarding specific painters or paintings and so it was hard to get a feel for the forgeries just from the descriptions. That having been said, there are many lovely illustrations in the book, the number of wh [...]

    26. An excellent read for art and antique lovers. Charney's research is extensive and he writes in an engaging and honest way. I had heard of some of the forgers in this book but not all; his take on all of them was refreshing. The book is divided into sections according to the motivation of particular types of forgers: Fame, Money, Power etc. and this knits everything together quite well. I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Charney speak and meet him afterward at a book signing at the MFA in Boston a [...]

    27. Das Buch hat mich größtenteils sehr in seinen.Bann gezogen, auch wenn es dann und wann kleinere Längen gab. Auch ich, die überhaupt keine Ahnung von Kunst hat, konnte Charneys Ausführungen leicht folgen und hatte wirklich Freude mit dem Buch. Der Schreibstil ist relativ akademisch und dabei trotzdem sehr flüssig. Ich kann "Original Meisterfälscher" also wirklich empfehlen, da man von gefälschten antiken Gefäßen über Gemälde aller Art bis zu den Hitler-Tagebüchern über jeden Fälsch [...]

    28. I never would have picked up this book had it not been a book club selection. However, I found myself unexpectedly swept up in the fascinating stories of art forgery, and learned a lot about this strange (to me) subculture. I like how the author divided the sections of the book into different things that motivate art forgers, but found the last section, that reached beyond the world of art and into other types of forgery, too diffuse for the purposes of this book. At times poorly edited, but ove [...]

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