Protector Love Honor Protect As an Environmental Studies major Allie knows the planet is in trouble a series of natural disasters recently rocked the northern hemisphere and species across the globe are going

  • Title: Protector
  • Author: Leia Stone S.T. Bende
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love Honor Protect.As an Environmental Studies major, Allie knows the planet is in trouble a series of natural disasters recently rocked the northern hemisphere, and species across the globe are going extinct What Allie doesn t know is that her world s decline is a casualty of an ancient battle called the Night War the Norse goddess Nott s crusade to control the weaLove Honor Protect.As an Environmental Studies major, Allie knows the planet is in trouble a series of natural disasters recently rocked the northern hemisphere, and species across the globe are going extinct What Allie doesn t know is that her world s decline is a casualty of an ancient battle called the Night War the Norse goddess Nott s crusade to control the weakest of the light realms And Allie most definitely doesn t know that her existence is the only thing stopping Nott from dragging the earth into total darkness When four gorgeous guys show up claiming to be Allie s Asgardian protectors, she thinks they re delusional And when they order her to hunt down the pieces of an immortal weapon, she s convinced they re insane But when Allie s attacked, the guys crazy stories of demigods and dark elves begin coming together And Allie s not sure what scares her losing her life to the Goddess of Night or losing her heart to one of her protectors.Let the hunt begin.

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    1. This was truly banal. Although the story was incredibly dull, & the romance lacked chemistry, I did appreciate the use of Norwegian & Dutch. That was a unique choice. =) I find French, Latin, or Spanish are the more common choices. 1 star If like me you're interested in mythology i recommend the Latterday Olympians series by Lucienne Diver (adult) or the R. Caine High School series by Victoria Dannan (YA).

    2. This book is co-written by Leia Stone and S.T. Bende, and I was really looking forward to it.It's exactly the type of story that I love reading.Except that as I was reading it, it was very familiar because the plot is virtually identical to Perfekt Order, by S.T. BendeMOST EXACTLY THE SAME!!!If you haven't read Perfekt Order, then you will probably enjoy this story.But having already read Perfekt Order, I didn't appreciate buying a 2nd book to read the same plot I've already read.And seriously, [...]

    3. I love Thor, so obviously i loved this book.Allie was a college student and had a normal life, well almost normal since she could see people's energy, but that's about all the excitement she had in her life until she meets with four hot guys who claim that she's an Asgardian demigod, that she's the daughter of the goddess of healing who's currently in a deep sleep caused by Nott, the night Goddess who's a power freak and wants to destroy earth. and Allie is the only one who could help wake her m [...]

    4. Loved it! I love a good mythology story. And this one wasn't just good. It was great! I was concerned this series would be too similar to Bende's other series (which I love), but fortunately this one had all the great writing and character building I was used to, but was its own special combination of awesome. I'm super excited about this series.I loved going on this journey with Allie. First of all, she's awesome. She's no doormat, damsel-in-distress. She's strong and tough, yet fun and compass [...]

    5. 2.5I just discovered this book a couple of week before the actual release day and I was really looking forward to, because it has a pretty cover and an interesting synopsis. Not to mention the Norse mythological elements too it. Unfortunately it disappointed me greatly. I read a few books from S.T. Bende before and I’m sad to say that this book has everything in it I didn’t like in her previous books either. As for Leia Stone I didn’t read anything from her before so I can’t comment on t [...]

    6. As a long-term fan of S.T. Bende's Elsker and Aere Sagas, I was so excited to read Protector, the first part of her new Night War Saga, co-authored with Leia Stone. and I was completely blown away by the magic they have crafted!Love. Honor. Protect.As an Environmental Studies major, Allie knows the planet is in trouble—a series of natural disasters recently rocked the northern hemisphere, and species across the globe are going extinct. What Allie doesn’t know is that her world’s decline is [...]

    7. Oh My Goddess Protector is a Drop Dead Gorgeous Must Read that keeps UR heart racing full of killer action, magic, mystery lol funny humor N epic romance I devoured it in one sitting nothing could tear me away!Leia Stone & S.t. Bende are a dynamic writing duo, The Night War Saga is Pure Asgardian Awesomeness I can't wait for book 2 Defender!!!Allie is My #1 fave Beautiful badass heroine! She's Sweet, loving N sassy with the heart of a warrior and a fierce spirit!Tore is Sinfully Sexy, broodi [...]

    8. A funny, close pack of guys, a smoking hot male lead and an awesome MC. These are just four reasons I love this book.While it took me a couple of pages to get into the book, once I did I couldn't put it down and was up until late finishing it.Firstly, I have to mention the research these two have done for this book - it's phenomenal. It's engaging, interesting and really well-explained.The characters obviously make the book as does the plot. I loved it.

    9. An exciting new YASet in a land of gods and goddesses, Allie is completely clueless who she really is and it's up to 4 guardians to set her straight. Everything you want in a story, love, action, mystery and humor are all here, ready for you to enjoy!

    10. Light up my life I enjoyed this novel simply because it's a cute tale and a pleasing read. It's light, fun and full of sexy blokes. Definitely a good novel to read on the way to work.

    11. InterestingThese two authors combine to create an interesting blend of Norse Mythology and modern life/characters. The storyline is fast, the characters fun and dynamic.

    12. This book is beautiful! I need more of it! My favorite line will forever be "there's five Mack's, I must be delirious"

    13. I always liked books whose stories are based on well researched historical facts or mythologies and then adds a little fictional twists, since you get entertained and can expand your knowledge base at the same time. And Norse Mythology always was a favorite of mine, though unfortunately I have yet to find a really good book about it (Greek Mythology is way easier in that regard).Especially in the first part of the story this book contains a lot of tidbits from Norse Mythology. Now while Odin, Th [...]

    14. I love literally anything by Leia Stone, and for Protector she has teamed up with another amazing author ST Bende! Protector follows Allie, you everyday university student. Although over the course of one particularly bad week she comes across a necklace that knocks her out, a weird hotty that she is forced to use pepper spray on who subsequently turns out to be a visiting lecturer, is told by the weird hotty lecturer and his 3 friends that she is a demi-god of Asgard and is attacked by a dark e [...]

    15. Allie has always been sensitive to the energy around her and able to feel the emotions of other people. She learned to live with her strange abilities and all was going well in her life until one day a necklace 'calls' to her. Unable to resist it's pull, Allie touches the strange necklace and that is when her whole life changes. “Your mother is in the Night Sleep. She is Eir, the Goddess of Healing. And we need you to help wake her.”So, a group of four guys - Tore, Mack, Johann and Bodie - c [...]

    16. I would probably give this a 3.5, but I'm rounding up because I couldn't put it down to go to bed!I'm genuinely confused by the reviews that claim this story is not well written. I've ready many self-published novels this summer (which I'm assuming this is?) and this is far and away the most well written. I didn't notice any grammatical or structural errors, which was such a relief after reading so many books where those things have slipped through the cracks.While I agree that the characters we [...]

    17. Here's a great quote from this book (probably one of the most meaningful quotes I've ever found in paranormal/romance/YA novels) (NO SPOILERS) :" not fear anything. Fear is a natural condition, but it is the absence of presence. What you fear is most often a future event, or the repetition of a past experience. Neither the future nor the past is grounded in the present, and when you are out of present time, you are not connected to your essence— you’re not connected to your power. In those m [...]

    18. Protector has the classic plot of a young woman destined for greatness etc, and having to train and fight. She won't believe anyone at first when she is told who/what she is and then when she finally does loads of danger happens, people get injured and then she unleashes this power she never knew existed within her, and then finally she realises the entire time she was falling in love with one of her protectors. So yeah, not gonna lie this type of plot has been used A LOT before, however there s [...]

    19. It was a good story but I am really getting sick of the keeping the women protagonists in the dark to protect them and then they are on their own to catch up with all the immortal warriors that have been trained since birth. I particularly don't like it when the love interest is knowledgeable and has now taken on a teacher roll as well. It just screams power imbalance. It adds another layer to the story that itches me like a tight sweater. Like, when the main character finally feels free to make [...]

    20. Feeling the Norse LoveI do love the Norse crews that S.T. Bende builds! I kept hoping for a tie in with the Ære Sage and Elsker Saga crews but I was still happy without it. I was also happy that a lot of the world seemed to work the same way. The magic, the gods and goddesses. It helped keep up in the quickly built world. I can definitely fill the Leis Stone influence. Not a bad influence, just different then what I usually get from just S.T. herself. It was definitely a "girlier" feel when it [...]

    21. A girl stumbles into her protectors, learns that she's a demigod fated to save the Earth and her mother from evil Nott, ends up falling for one of her protectors, yada yada.The novel started off interestingly enough, but then it took a boring turn, crammed with unnecessary descriptions. The humour is what kept me going forward, but it lacked the thrills and suspense needed to get someone pumping. It was, in true sense of the word, a lacklustre read.I loved the inclusion of Norse mythology and No [...]

    22. I’m a longtime Leia Stone fan, but although I’ve had one of her other series on my TBR list for a while, this was the first time I’ve read anything by S.T. Bende. This joint venture did not disappoint, and I’ll definitely be moving Bende’s other books to the top of my list.Allie is a college student in the Pacific Northwest, who we learn was raised by her grandmother after the death of her parents. She’s just a normal girl trying to get through the semester, when she meets four strap [...]

    23. Pleasantly surprisedI thought this would be a dark sort of story so I put off reading it but decided to read it because of the 5 star reviews and I'm so happy I did! This book was fun and full of personality and kindred spirits and love. Allie discovers she is a demigod and her purpose is to prevent the evil goddess Nott from overtaking Midgard aka Earth. She has 4 very handsome protectors to help her on her mission but one of them particularly winds his way into her heart. It was a fun read and [...]

    24. Wow! Another exceptional book by the imagination goddess, S.T. Bende! This is my first book that I have read by Leia Stone! This duo knocked their first book out of the stratosphere! They gave us witty and dreamy characters and a super sweet, but tough when she needs to be main character. I cannot wait for the next book to be released! I have to learn more about #themackpack and see just what Allie and Tore are up to. If you love a twist on Norse mythology, do not pass up this very entertaining [...]

    25. Holy GoddessAllie is the heroine of this book and she learns she is a demigod that has to fight the horrible Night Goddess. Never fear her 4 hot protectors have her back while she tracks down the pieces of her weapon, forged by the Gods, to mend it back together. This is a good storyline and I enjoyed it. I'm a little worried it's not going to be what I thought but I have heard it's a slow burn into RH. There are a few grammatical mistakes here and there but none to off putting to make me want t [...]

    26. Brilliant- could not put it down!After reading sample after sample recently, and not being sucked in by any of them it's safe to say I've been in a bit of a good-book-slump.And then I found Protector!I'd barely got 2 pages into the sample and I could already tell it was well worth a read.It's well written, the characters loveable and I felt really immersed in the worlds created.A perfect balance of action, humour and romance, and I'm already in love with this series.I'm now off to start book two [...]

    27. Good first bookTold from Allies POV who is a likeable character. Not really a heroine yet and does need saving quite alot but she has been dumped into a situation and in a world she never knew existed. Tore is one of the male protectors, a demi god who she falls for and this part is the annoying part of the book. I didnt really feel much chemistry between them but she went on and on about him. Just simply annoying. However the story has plenty of action especially from the protectors and has a g [...]

    28. I have to say.This book was one of the best books I have read. This author is right up there with Sarah Maas. I rarely compare authors, but I also give credit were it is due. I mean this was a fantastic book and it was well written.Allie character was well written and she was funny! I love the whole story and the way it was written. Hands down a book I will let my children read!Looking forward to the next book in this series!

    29. I really enjoyed this book. I don’t over analyze - I just enjoy Books for what they are. I have read this author before, a trilogy called “Matefinder” about werewolves and thier culture and really enjoyed that. That was more adult but this Protector novel was more YA, and although I’m far beyond that age I could still relate to this college student, her crush, and her being able to deal with big life changes. I will continue the series.

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