The Blonde Theory

The Blonde Theory Harper Roberts is a corporate attorney in Manhattan She s smart attractive and funny So why can t she find a date Men flock to her at parties when they think she s a dumb blonde But as soon as they

  • Title: The Blonde Theory
  • Author: Kristin Harmel
  • ISBN: 9780446697590
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • Harper Roberts is a corporate attorney in Manhattan She s smart, attractive, and funny So why can t she find a date Men flock to her at parties when they think she s a dumb blonde But, as soon as they realise she s a Harvard educated lawyer, they flee.Harper s best friend is a magazine editor who suggests Harper go on assignment for a month as a dumb blonde and see iHarper Roberts is a corporate attorney in Manhattan She s smart, attractive, and funny So why can t she find a date Men flock to her at parties when they think she s a dumb blonde But, as soon as they realise she s a Harvard educated lawyer, they flee.Harper s best friend is a magazine editor who suggests Harper go on assignment for a month as a dumb blonde and see if it changes her dating perspective So, for two weeks, Harper goes undercover She changes her wardrobe, her conversation, her body language The result is a series of comical encounters Soon, Harper must take a good look in the mirror and realise that it s not just men who judge people on their looks.

    The Blonde Theory by Kristin Harmel Feb , Community Reviews The Blonde Theory is the girls theory that a dumb blonde really does have fun Since her dating life is nonexistent, Harper agrees to her friends makeover and launches herself on a dating site with idea of finding a man I enjoyed the plot but I found myself not really liking Harper very much. The Blonde Theory KristinHarmel THE BLONDE THEORY is the story of year attorney Harper Roberts, who is smart, attractive and funny So why can t she find a date Men flock to her because they assume she s a dumb blonde But as soon as they realize she s a Harvard educated attorney, they flee Harper s best friend is a magazine editor who suggests Harper go on assignment as a dumb blonde to see if it changes her dating The Blonde Theory Kristin Harmel The Blonde Theory Kristin Harmel on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Hilariousdeliciously entertaining Sarah Mlynowsi, author of Monkey Business Kristin Harmel dishes with disarming honesty and delivers a sparkling Emma Ludbrook TheBlondeTheory Twitter Aug , The latest Tweets from Emma Ludbrook TheBlondeTheory Movie, Music Fashion Lover Producer Mover Shaker Risk Taker Exerciser Candy Eater Los Angeles, CA Emma Ludbrook theblondetheory Instagram photos and videos The Blonde Theory by Kristin Harmel NOOK Book eBook Okay, I have read many books this year and by far The Blonde Theory by Kristin Harmel is the best I ve read so far The book follows Harper on her search for the perfect man She is a smart and wealthy high powered attorney who seems to scare away the men in her life.

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    One thought on “The Blonde Theory”

    1. This review also posted on my blog at:Kala's Book BlogPicked this one up from the library because I've read a few others by this author and thought they were decent. What a mistake!I despised this book! The female lead (Harper) is a rich and powerful 35-year-old attorney. The book starts off with her boyfriend dumping her because she made partner at her law firm and he expected her to quit her job and pop out babies. Not sure how something like that could stay hidden for a year in a relationship [...]

    2. This book was painful. First, because the main character kept doing really stupid things just like in a bad movie where you just keep groaning and eventually turn it off or walk out of teh theatercondly, because she was oblivious the entire time to what a snobby bitch she really was. Chick Lit at its worst.

    3. Utter crap. The main character is supposed to be smart but is continuously self-sabotaging and bizarrely (and uncharacteristicly from what the author tells you) rudely sarcastic with every guy that dares say something pleasant to her. The guys in this book are either complete a$$holes or "nice" guys who keep coming back even after she is really nasty to them. This isn't even a fun/fluffy beach read, it's just a waste of time.

    4. Cute, fun read with all the funny dating stories you expect from a chick lit. I loved the author's first book, "How to Sleep With A Movie Star" and was thrilled to have a mention of that book's male lead Cole Brannon and the Over the Moon diner (which plays a pivotal part in the book!), and its Waitress, Marge this book. I like the message that sometimes we, women, can be our own worst enemy in the dating world. I hope I can remember that in my future!

    5. As many reviewers noticed, the 'dumb' scenes are really, really dumb and annoying. To the point that you want to punch things. But the cast of characters are interesting. The twist is nicely twisted, but ultimately less satisfying than if things had been predictable.

    6. Trite, repetitive, predictable, and not very fun to read. Spent most of the book wanted to smack Harper for being such a whiney brat, and the rest it rolling my eyes because I really don't need every breakthrough realization repeated twice.

    7. I found proof that I took this out from the library in late 2008, but I don't remember it. I think I enjoyed it! Usually I remember books that I don't like and why I didn't. :)

    8. Not what I expectedI really enjoyed this book and while it started out predictable enough, it took its own path and I couldn't put it down.

    9. Maybe my expectations are too high, but oy to all the books lately that could be really good and there is just that something that brings them all down! This was another one. I need to just get my lame-o ranting out of the way first. The Girl in this story is like this high flying rare science-y patent attorney and yet she only makes like $300,000/year, which is like NOTHING in the grand scheme of things. And there was this word that was used in the book a bunch, but damnit, now I can’t rememb [...]

    10. I wanted something easy and uncomplicated to read, preferrably something in the romance genre, and this was perfect for that. While this story is far from deep, it still has more substance than a lot of the books targeted at women where the main goal seems to be to get yourself a man (which is a really stupid notion if you ask me).It was a fun read — lots of ugly cackling happened — and it was interesting to see that it actually pulled off some twists these kinds of books usually don't. Like [...]

    11. Sex in the City meets Dorothy on the rocks. At times funny and at times annoying, even using references to Sex in the City, I would have to say it is a light, easy, beach read. Yup, read it in less than 1 day. I did only give it 2 stars, and perhaps it deserved 3, midway between okay and liked it. I realized immediately that Harper had lost her self confidence after Peter and was subconsciencely pushing men away. The Blonde Theory was probably Good Therapy for her in that it helped her to realiz [...]

    12. I really liked The Blonde Theory because I felt like I was reading about normal, every day life. A friend lent me the book and I liked that it was my "type" of humor.Harper, the main character, seems like the kind of girl everyone wants to picture themselves being (minus the issue she has with men). She is pretty, successful, and has good friends. Despite how perfect anyone feels, everyone has flaws and Harper's is that she can't get a second date.In our culture, it's said that the blonde bombsh [...]

    13. If I were more specific about this rating, I'd give it two and a half instead of three stars. I liked the premise of this book. Harper is a smart and successful lawyer who is having trouble keeping a man. Everyone seems intimidated by her or so she thinks. So begins the scheme cooked up by her gal pals. The Blonde Theory is the girls theory that a "dumb blonde" really does have more fun. Since her dating life is nonexistent, Harper agrees to her friends makeover and launches herself on a dating [...]

    14. Definitely a must read! A fun read, but also made me think. A story of a female Lawyer who is blonde, intelligent, successful, has her own apartment and has a boyfriend. The book starts out with the boyfriend leaving her because of the fact that she is TOO successful. She keeps having issues and striking out with men because they are intimidated by her success. Her friends come up with something that they call the "Blonde Theory" where they creates a persona online that portrays her as a dumb, a [...]

    15. I was, admittedly, looking for a bit of a mindless beach read when I picked this up. This book isn't even that good. It feels like it was written as a creative writing project for a school class with poor editing (if Harper said one more thing "drily" I was going to stab someone). The characters are totally one-dimensional and uninteresting and unbelievable. The main character is actually bit of a bitch. I'm also not sure how an attractive blonde in her 30s thinks she looks frumpy in Armani. I'm [...]

    16. This one was recommended to me and it was a bargain book at B&N, so why not read it? It was okay but I really didn't like the main character or sympathize with her. "Woe is me, I'm a partner in a law firm and too smart and successful for a man to ever love me. What will I do? I know! Dress like a hooker, act like a ditz, and try internet dating to prove that men want to go out with dumb girls instead of me." Huh?? There were some other story lines that could have improved the story if they w [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this book. At first the story seemed a bit bland, but I stuck with it (courtesy of my reading challenge!) and I'm glad I did. The dates Harper went on had me laughing out loud, holding my sides on the conversations she would have under "The Blonde Theory." An issue with her friend had me turning pages faster than I could read them, just wanting to know what would happen next, and the ending was not what I expected (which I always appreciate). Great read when you are looking for [...]

    18. this book was better than the other Kristin Harmel book i read (Italian for Beginners) but i still can't really give it more than three stars. the story was more engaging and the character of Harper more interesting, but she did do a lot of whining and seemed to contradict herself; one minute she wants to do the Blonde Theory, the next, she's against it and doesn't want to do it anymore. but it was definitely an interesting concept, considering i myself am a blonde and have wondered why it's the [...]

    19. This is a women's fiction book, so no neat, tied-up happy ending, but if you know you're reading women's fiction, it shouldn't be a shock. This book was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. There were so many parts I flagged to go back and laugh about over and over. And, this book does have a lot of truth. Women are judged on appearances rather than brains, in a lot of cases. If you'd like to explore that topic, then give it a read. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

    20. So marking "I'm finished" on this is a lie because I only made it about 70 pages.So it's um, like, an interesting concept and stuffbut like umn't read it if you actually have a degree in Chemical Engineering cause the description of what that means is the beginning of the end for you, and um, like guys aren't breaking up with you because you're too smart, they're like breaking up with you because you're like a dumbass with nauseating friends. That is all.

    21. stereotypical characters, kind of trying to be a rip-off of sex and the city (though it acknowledges it), the plot is utterly predictable and any attempt at humor falls flat. the point is not a happy one (most successful men don't like successful women - especially smart ones), and a premise i don't really believe. it was a little too man-hating for me, with cheating people all over the place. man, the more i think about it, the more i really didn't like it. huh.

    22. Another fun chick lit book by Kristin Harmel. The main character, Harper, is a 35 year old lawyer who is very successful at work, but not so successful in her dating life. She decides to try out a theory that she would have an easier time getting dates if she acted like a ditzy blonde instead of herself. It's a littel obvious where the story is going at times, and the protagonist can be a little bit too self-pitying, but I still enjoyed it.

    23. I have mixed feelings about this book. Overall, I liked it, particularly the ending, which was a refreshing change-of-pace. However, there were certain things that made me grit my teeth throughout. The ditzy scenes were teeth-grittingly painful at times, and for someone who was so smart and successful, Harper was amazingly naive. I would rate this 3.5/5.

    24. Cute book, quick read. It is about a successful lawyer who has made partner at her law firm, but is single. Every guy she goes out with rejects her because she is too smart or too independent. She learns a lot about not settling when her friends put her up to trying out the "Blonde Theory." She tested whether or not she'd get more dates by being a ditzy blonde.

    25. WOW. I have never hated a main character in a book as much as I despised Harper.It was a somewhat enjoyable book. But the dumbest of people don't talk like she did in the 'dumb' scenes. But like I said, I couldn't get over how annoying Harper was, so I'd like to give this book a 2.5, but since I can't, I guess I'll settle with a 3.

    26. As frustrated as the main character got at several points in the story, was how frustrated I was feeling while reading the book. I understand the premise of the book and it made an interesting idea, but the story itself fell flat. I finished it, but not without some difficulty. Not my cup if tea, I guess.

    27. I'd like to give this really 3 1/2 stars. It's good, but not terrific. I found Harper (the main character)'s self-deprication a little too annoying. If the book had been slightly shorter, it would have been easier to handle. It had a few nice twists, though. I enjoyed it and would recommend it for some good, light summer reading.

    28. The Blonde Theory was a really entertaining read for me. Hilarious, laugh-out-loud conversations and dates that the main character Harper goes out on are scattered throughout the book. The ending was cute, and worked out in a way that was predictable, yet still absolutely adorable. The book left me dying to read another one of Kristin Harmel's books.

    29. I thought I'd take a break from reading "literature" to read something fun and lighthearted. This book was not it. Wholly unlikable and frustrating protagonist. I'm not sure how she found any man to date her, let alone make friends. The only thing I liked about this book was when she ended up alone.

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