Kaleidoscope When a beautiful young Frenchwoman and a brilliant American actor meet in wartime Paris their love begins like a fairy tale but ends in tragedy Suddenly orphaned their three children are cruelly sep

  • Title: Kaleidoscope
  • Author: Danielle Steel
  • ISBN: 9780440201922
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a beautiful young Frenchwoman and a brilliant American actor meet in wartime Paris, their love begins like a fairy tale but ends in tragedy Suddenly orphaned, their three children are cruelly separated Megan, the baby, adopted by a family of comfortable means, becomes a doctor in the rural Appalachia Alexandra, raised in lavish wealth, marries a powerful manWhen a beautiful young Frenchwoman and a brilliant American actor meet in wartime Paris, their love begins like a fairy tale but ends in tragedy Suddenly orphaned, their three children are cruelly separated Megan, the baby, adopted by a family of comfortable means, becomes a doctor in the rural Appalachia Alexandra, raised in lavish wealth, marries a powerful man whose pride is in his pedigree and who assumes that Alexandra is her parents natural offspring Neither of them has the remotest suspicion that she is adopted, or what turbulent tragedy lurks in her past And Hilary, oldest of the Walker children, remembers them all, and the grief that tore them apart and cast them into separate lives Feeling the loss throughout her life, and unable to find her sisters, she builds an extraordinary career and has no personal life When John Chapman, lawyer and prestigious private investigator, is asked to find these three women, he wonders why Their parents only friend, he did nothing to keep them together as children and has been haunted by remorse all his life The investigator follows a trail that leads from chic New York to Boston slums, from elegant Parisian salons to the Appalachian hills, to the place where the three sisters face each other and one final, devastating truth before they can move on.

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    One thought on “Kaleidoscope”

    1. I planned to finish this book in a week. Who ever knew that I would finish it in a day! Another great story from Danielle Steel. I cried over it from the start till the end of the novel. Touchy. Well stories about broken families always touch me deeply. You guys really have to read this one.

    2. Utter tripe. I enjoyed this, it was entertaining to blaze through on a road trip. But quite honestly, it was melodramatic, shallow, and just plain dumb. I must be growing out of my Danielle Steel phase, even so, queen of shit-lit will always have a place in my heart.

    3. This was my favorite Danielle Steel book. After many many DS books I finally got tired of her tedious style. But if you're into Danielle Steel, this is a must read.

    4. The book does an absolute justice to its title- Kaleidoscope, things change with the blink of an eye. Danielle Steele once again manages to take her readers by surprise. The book is full of unexpected twists and turns which leaves the readers breathless gasping for moreAs Sam Walker returned home from war with a beautiful wife, Solange, nobody not even they themselves could have ever foreseen what life held ahead for them. They had three beautiful daughters, Hillary, Alexandria and Megan. With a [...]

    5. I loved reading this book, as it is about family and that's an issue of importance to me. I f you are family oriented, you would love reading it too.

    6. Membaca buku ini bagaikan naik roller-coaster. Naik, turun, naik, turun lagi. Naik-turunnya kehidupan yang terjadi pada sebuah keluarga. Dan semuanya terjadi dengan cepat. Wew.Di awal sudah disuguhkan suasana muram ala perang. Obrolan antar prajurit di dalam bunker saat Perang Dunia II, antara Sam Walker dan Arthur Patterson. Lalu disuguhkan adegan "manis" saat prajurit Sam Walker jatuh cinta terhadap wanita Perancis, Solange, yang digambarkan sang mempesona dengan rambut merah menyalanya. Lalu [...]

    7. I think its one of the best books by Steele!She wonderfully tells the story of 3 sisters who are separated due to unfortunate events and misgivings. The only qualm I had was that it would have been even more amazing had the story of Sam Walker ans Solange not stretched so long. But after all that, the story is just fantastic and does justice to its title - Kaleidoscope, where things change with the blink of an eye.The story of Hillary makes you cry, the hardships that she goes through is extreme [...]

    8. Wow. It was a drama read and it made me cry quite a lot at times. It was also so well-written that the story, although "squezed" into 372 pages (I read a kinda different edition) was totally NOT boring or with plot gaps. And that is talent. :) Seriously, I would read it again if I felt the urge for a romantic-tragic story that kept my interest intact thoughout its pages. The plot twists were efficiently and amazingly working as a true kaleidoscope! Enjoy the read!!

    9. I really enjoyed this book. Read it years back. The plot is very interesting, about 3 sisters who are separated when little and each of them lives a very different life than the other, and when they grow up they find each other and its amazing to see how completely DIFFERENT they are. The book sort of shows the nature vs nurture debate.The book is also in very simple language and easy to read. Keeps you glued till the end!

    10. La fin était assez évidente, on peut facilement la deviner avant la fin de la première partie. Mais bonne lecture tout de même.

    11. excelente libro!!! la narración es perfecta, es una historia larga de varias genraciones que a pesar de tener muchisimos detalles los narra rápidamente sin detenerse en detallados excesivos, avanzas tan rapido que ni siquiera te das cuenta que estas a punto de terminarlo, la descripcion dice que es un libro de romance erótico pero es totalmente falso! este libro es puro drama y del bueno, excelente lectura!

    12. Kaleidoscope revolves around three sisters, Hilary, Alexandra, and Megan, who were separated while they were still kids. In my opinion, the whole plot revolves around the life of Hilary and her depressing and solitary existence while the other two main characters – Alexandra and Megan – were just add-ons to make the story more cohesive. It was supposed to be touching and emotional but I do not find it powerful enough to move me to tears. I understand Hilary’s bitterness and anger, all that [...]

    13. This is one of my favourite books by Danielle Steele Was actually getting bored of her writing style when I stumbled upon this one.But once I started it,I was totally engrossed into the way its story was enfolding, it being so gripping and heart wrenching at times that i could finally keep it down only once I had read the happy ending it so truly deserved.A story of three girls left to be on their own when their actor father kills his pretty wife and commits suicide himself.The eldest Hilary is [...]

    14. 4+Opet se pokazalo koliko su zaista dobri oni romani Danielle Steel čija je radnja smještena u neki zanimljiv historijski period, a nije ona tipična: on je bogati filmski producent, a ona se upravo razvela bla blaaaa!Roman u početku prati Sama i Arthura, dva najbolja prijatelja koji se skupa vraćaju iz rata. Na putu kući Sam upoznaje lijepu Francuskinju Solanž kojom se ženi i sa kojom dobiva 3 kćerke. Nakon nekoliko godina sretnog braka i tragedije koja ih pogađa 3 sestre ostaju same. [...]

    15. My father just sent me this book, yesterday. (He's 93 & has read every Nora Roberts book and is now into DS.) So I read it this AM. Ok, I just read Hilary's part. I don't know how I feel about these types of books - if they do no harm or in fact, are harmful because they take serious things and kind of make them unreal. Domestic abuse, infidelity, murder, rape, foster care, abandoned children, abortion, juvenile jail, love & romance, marriage, etc. and so on. And there's always a happy e [...]

    16. Kaleidoscope starts off with World War II. When the Allies defeated the Germans. And the American army is currently waiting in France after liberating it from Nazi occupation. Before being sent to attack Germany. Two American soldiers, Sam Walker and Arthur Patterson become really good friends. And share a strong bond with each other after fighting alongside each other for a long time. In France Sam catches sight of a girl named Solange Bertrand. A girl with fiery red hair and emerald eyes. She [...]

    17. Boy meets girl in Paris during the war and falls in love. They have 3 children. He was a Broadway actor and an argument leads to a murder and then suicide. The 3 girls are taking to an aunt and life is very hard. 2 of the girls were adopted out and had a good life. The oldest girl was not and life was unbearable. She formed a great hatred to the man who she blames separated the sisters. He is dying and is trying to get the sisters back together

    18. This book is about three sisters and their lives. They loose their parents as children and brought to different families. The biggest sister lives the worst life among them. She is brought up by her aunt's family and then in an orphanage where she is mistreated and used. After the ups and downs she finally gets a good job and becomes a fine working woman and looks for her sisters.

    19. such an outstanding novel with so much sincere and authentic feelings and emotions. yet the tremendous amount of tragedy inherent makes us believe that despite all the calamities that life can sometimes so callously render upon us, life can take us towards a new path, a new beginning full of hope and happiness again

    20. When I was reading Danielle Steele, I loved her books.I was obsessed with her books. Not I can't even pick up one of her books.

    21. this was my first and last encounter with danielle steel. the story was lame and the writing was terrible. it took a lot of self-control not to mark up the pages with a red pen.

    22. no se iba a quedar sin su reseña este fabuloso libro, y debo decir que me encantó, si bien considero que es uno de los libros más dramáticos (si no es que el más de todos) que tiene escritos. A la altura de "siempre amigos" o "el largo camino a casa", pero éste se va aún más intenso. Tres hermanas, Hilary, Alex y Megan, son separadas y destinadas a distintas familias donde empezarían su nueva vida. La ambientación comienza durante la segunda guerra, cuando uno de ellos, Sam, se enamora [...]

    23. The book is truly what the covers say. Life itself is a kaleidoscope - where no one's life can be compared or matched in parallel with any one else's! It shows how you need to have a strong heart no matter what the universe throws your way. Let grudges be gone and let your heart be filled only with love and sympathy. Really good book to read and connect with. The poem written on the first page is beautiful. I think the message to take away from this book would be - Life is filled with hardships [...]

    24. (c)1987 Another great read. Three children are orphaned after the untimely deaths of their parents. It was such a sad book to read especially when one of the siblings grows up in a harsh environment and grows up to be very bitter but puts all her energies into her future. I was not prepared for what came out at the end. Bitter sweet. Steel has a way of writing a genre that is so realistic and believable.

    25. CalidoscopioUna historia increíble sobre la suerte que corrieron tres niñasy interesante aunque también muy tristeví el sufrimiento que tuvieron que pasar,quedé complacida con el final aunque hubiera deseado conocer más sobre lo que paso con Hillary y su pareja. Unas cuantas páginas más no hubiera estado malcomiendo la historia muy buena.

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